Seneca Park Zoo

Seneca Park Zoo

The Seneca Park Zoo is a 20-acre zoo in Rochester, New York. Located at 2222 St Paul St, Rochester, NY 14621. This zoo is accredited by the Association of Museums and Aquariums and is home to over 90 species of animals. It is owned by the Monroe County government and operated by the Seneca P. Z. Society. While it is a small, local op-shop, you can still find some interesting local art and gifts for sale. Next Location

When visiting the Seneca Park Zoo, remember to dress appropriately and practice social distancing. You can purchase tickets online or at the gate. This will make the line go by faster. Be sure to buy a ticket ahead of time if you’re planning to stay in the zoo for more than a day. It’s open year-round. The zoo is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

The Seneca Park Zoo is open all year, although many animals prefer to stay indoors during colder months. The Amur tigers and polar bears have been kept inside to avoid the colder temperatures of the city. Visitors can also walk along the Genesee River on the south trail, which connects the Seneca area to Maplewood. The south trail is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers.

The Seneca Park Zoo also features an African elephant exhibit. The animals are called Chana, Moki, and Genny C. They respond to more than 50 verbal commands, and you can take a nap next to one of these amazing creatures. Elephants can also sleep standing up or rest with their trunks on the ground, but they typically prefer to lie down so that the weight is removed from their legs.


The Seneca Park Zoo is open year-round and features hundreds of species of animals. It is the only zoo in New York State to feature African Elephants, sea lions, and 15 other Species Survival Plan animals. While it is a small zoo, it is an important educational and cultural center. It is also the only place in the state of New York to find the only white rhino in the state.

Aside from being a local landmark, the Seneca Park Zoo is a national leader in animal conservation. It is actively involved in local and international conservation efforts, including breeding programs for endangered species. In fact, the zoo is the only zoo in New York that has polar bears. The zoo is one of the most visited zoos in the state, and many visitors love to visit the polar bears. Home page

The Zoo is wheelchair-accessible. The main building was opened in 1931 and features a menagerie-style exhibit that showcases animals from around the world. This zoo is also accessible for those with disabilities. The Zoo has a handicapped parking area at the entrance and is open year-round. There is also a zoo in downtown Rochester. The two zoos are close to each other.

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